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Fed up with the Banks?

Australian Mortgage Research are mortgage brokers who understand that not everyone can satisfy the banks’ traditional lending rules. Specialist mortgage lending is a means of meeting the unique needs of borrowers who don’t necessarily satisfy the Banks and other traditional lenders strict credit policies and guidelines.

For borrowers looking for a specialist mortgage brokerage that understands non conforming lending, Australian Mortgage Research may well be your first and last choice. It’s what we do!



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Expert help. Experienced. Understanding.

We are specialist mortgage brokers that have assisted hundreds of borrowers who have found it difficult to refinance, consolidate debts or purchase a home because of their personal financial circumstances.

We understand your circumstances and will provide a non judgemental and empathetic service that aims to get you the mortgage finance you need.


Defaults, Tax Debts, Overcommitted, Arrears

We have had over 15 years experience dealing with clients who have had one or perhaps even two, serious life events that have hindered them in getting a mortgage loan.

Events such as Business failure, Divorce, Unemployment & Health issues that have impacted on their credit profile. With guidance & specialist loan advice, many hundreds of our clients have obtained the mortgage finance they so needed. 

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Reduce your unsecured debts by allowing us to negotiate with your lenders

Although certainly not for everyone, there are times and circumstances that credit card & personal borrowers may be in a position to allow us to negotiate a reduced payout sum in full and final settlement.

We have a successful record of negotiating with our clients creditors and subject to individual circumstances, we have reduced unsecured debts by up to 65% of their original face value.

Combined with a Mortgage Refinance loan, Debt consolidation & Debt Negotiation is a powerful strategy to get you 'back on track'.


Assessed for Good, Average & Poor credit histories

For too long, only squeaky clean borrowers have been able to secure an unsecured personal loan. With over 8 specialist lenders on our panel, we can almost always find the right product for your individual credit profile. Whether you require funds for Solar, Debt Consolidation, Home Improvements, Holidays or any worthwhile purpose, AMR will be able to assist. Call now for more information or to get started on an application.
Unsecured Loans from $2,000 to $50,000 (subject to review)

Key in the Lock

I would like to thank Richard from Australian Mortgage Research for his amazing service. I am a single mother with 5 children and was left with debts of over $20,000 as well as unfinished home renovations on my mortgaged home. I also had many unpaid bills and I felt as though I was drowning financially.

Richard showed me a few options for my situation, where I could begin to establish me and my family in a better financial situation. He has and continues to advise  me on the next steps towards moving my financial situation into a more healthy area. 

He was also extremely patient with me and my situation, as I was so scared and apprehensive about moving forward on placing my trust and finances in something I didn't at first really understand. He explained things to me in simple terms, gave me my options and helped me to understand my present financial situation but also my financial goals for the future.

I could not recommend this wonderful and trustworthy man enough. His financial experience allowed him to advocate for me with lenders and creditors.

Thank you so much, the stress and weight of my financial situation has now been lifted, and I now feel as if I have clear goals for my financial future.


Clarkson, WA

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